Residential vs Commercial Gutters: What’s The Difference?

Residential vs Commercial Gutters

If you have been contemplating on what new gutter system you must choose lately, you are probably surprised by how many factors you need to properly consider when picking a new one for your business or home. It might make you feel a little bit overwhelmed, but once you attain an idea about the differences between the two gutters, you’ll surely run to your nearest roof repair contractor to give them your choice in no time!

We truly understand how vital your gutter is whether you own a business or a house which is why we have created this guide that shows you the main differences you need to know about commercial gutters and residential gutters to help you finally reach a decision. so go forth and read on!

Both Gutters Are Installed Differently

When it comes to the installation of gutters, both residential and commercial are installed differently. Residential gutters are created for your house and they are placed at the edge of your roof which is commonly a shed, gable, or hipped-shaped roof. On the other hand, commercial gutters are installed in commercial properties such as a mall, clothing shops, and business firms which tend to be bigger and have flatter roof surfaces.

Commercial and Residential Gutters are Styled and Shaped Different

Many people who’ve just started learning everything there is to know about a house’s structure aren’t aware that there’s a huge difference in the style and shape of a residential and commercial gutter. The style and size of gutters that are commonly used for many residential properties are the U-shaped and K-styled gutters while commercial properties tend to go for the box-styled gutter.

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Commercial Property Gutters Have Policies

Among the key differences found between commercial and residential gutters is that commercial establishments are required to follow different codes and regulations compared to those residential ones. This implies that there may be more strict rules on the gutter materials that are permitted to be utilized.

Furthermore, there are specific instructions you need to strictly follow regarding the positioning of your roof’s downspouts to make sure it doesn’t affect other businesses around you.

Commercial and Residential Gutters Have Different Sizing

Another significant difference that’s found between residential and commercial gutters is that the latter tend to be a bit larger compared to residential gutters. This is because commercial buildings are generally larger than homes or residential properties, so larger gutters are required to channel and sustain the rain that’s falling off on your roof.

Things To Consider When Choosing a Gutter

Now that you know the significant difference between a commercial and residential gutter, it’s now time to learn the things to consider when choosing a gutter. Check out below for the quick tips!

The appearance – Consider the look your gutters will give your house. If you want to boost your curb appeal, your chosen gutter must complement all parts of your residential or commercial exterior.

The pitch – Another thing you must consider is your roof pitch. This is among the key factors to consider since it will determine how wide your chosen gutter and its downspouts will be. The slope of your chosen gutter will determine how effective your downspouts are.

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The Material – When it comes to choosing a gutter, the type of material used is vital. You need to invest in a quality gutter if you want it to last for a long time. It’d be good to get those made from copper or stainless; although they are costlier, they’re more durable than standard gutters.

Wrapping it up

Learning the difference between a commercial gutter and a residential one is the knowledge that is vital in helping you decide on what type of gutter to choose. Many people who own large houses tend to choose commercial gutters since they think it’s the wisest choice but that isn’t always the case. If you’re still having trouble with choosing the right type of gutter, then contact a professional roofing company for excellent recommendations!

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