Importance of the Roof Underlayment

Importance of the Roof Underlayment

Roof underlayment is an important part of any roofing project.

If you are considering to call in a professional roofer to install a new roof, it’s important to know about the benefits and importance of this key component.

In addition to keeping your home structurally sound for years to come, a good quality underlayment will also keep your interior dry in case of rain and help insulate against heat.

There are many reasons why you should invest in a good roof underlayment, and we have listed here below the top ones. So go ahead and check it out!

What is Roof Underlayment?

Before we begin, let’s understand what roof underlayment is!

Roof underlayment is a critical component of any roofing system. Without it, water can seep into your home and cause serious damage.

The roof underlayment is the layer that sits between the membrane and the felt paper of your roof’s waterproofing system.

This installation helps form a barrier against moisture penetration, extending the life of your shingle or tile roofs while preventing rot in wood-shake roofs over time. 

For a roof to be properly installed, the underlayment must be in good condition.

This material will provide insulation and protection from leaks while also strengthening the integrity of your home’s structure. 

The Importance of Roof Underlayment

Now that you know what roof underlayment is and the purpose of its existence, we can now proceed to the importance of roof underlayment. Check the list below to know more.

Roof Underlayment Keeps Out Moisture 

Among the main reasons why roof underlayment is considered important is because it helps keep moisture out.

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Moisture is a definite cause for roof deterioration, and if it gets into the inner layer of your roof, this might lead to cracks in your shingles or other materials that are on top of them.

Your roof’s underlayment ensures that moisture can never get in and do any damage to your roof. It provides you with the base that your other materials will need, such as shingles, making it among the key components of your roof that is important.

Without your roof’s underlayment moisture can penetrate your roofing system and cause damages such as a leaky roof.


Your Roof is Kept Dry By an Underlayment 

The roof is constantly affected by rainwater especially in Malaysia where the weather is always rainy. When rain is beginning to pool in your roof it can cause permanent damage and lead to the need for a replacement.

However, roof underlayment ensures to keep your roof dry. This element is usually called roofing felt or waterproof sheets that are designed to prevent water from leaking in your house by holding the moisture away from the surface of your roof.

It is made up of woven material that has been saturated with bitumen, asphalt, or rubber and then vulcanized to make it more durable and waterproof.

A roof underlayment is made of rubber, asphalt, or bitumen to make the object water-proof and also for insulation properties that prevent heat from escaping through your roof.

So other than keeping your roof dry, it ensures that your house is proper;y insulated too.

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A Roof Underlayment Saves You Money 

Because your roof is properly protected by the roof underlayment, it helps you avoid costly roof repairs in the future.

The underlayment on your roof also helps protect it from UV exposure, so they are perfect for any climate where there is a lot of sun exposure like Malaysia.

Because the underlayments provide insulation properties that help keep heat away, you can save up on expenses for utilities.


Roofing is a process that requires many different steps, but the roof underlayment might be one of the most important. The roof underlayment is an often-overlooked component of a home’s exterior, but it plays a vital role in protecting the integrity of your house. If you want to avoid costly repairs and have peace of mind that your family will be safe inside their own home, make sure the underlayment for your shingles is properly installed or replaced by professionals with experience. 


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