5 Ways a New Roof Increases Your Home’s Value

5 Ways a New Roof Increases Your Home’s Value

One of the most important things to do when selling or buying a home is to get a new roof.

This can make the difference between making a successful sale or losing a chance of a great deal.

It’s common knowledge that you need to fix all those little things in order for your house to sell, but many people forget about their roof.

A new roof will not only increase curb appeal, but it could also be worth 10% more than what you originally paid for your home!

With this in consideration, it’s vital that you find a reliable roofer who can give you some helpful advice before purchasing a new roof.

It’s a good idea to invest in a new roofing system if you want to get the most out of your money.

While it will seem to be costly at first, the money you will be able to get when selling it will make the decision rewarding.

Here are the top 5 ways a new roof will boost your home’s value!

1, A New Roof Will Be More Appealing to Buyers

There are many reasons to buy a new roof. A few of these include: getting rid of the old, worn-out shingles that will leak and wear out in no time; making your home more attractive and valuable for resale purposes.

Of course, we believe in the saying “Looks don’t matter” However when it comes to the structure of our houses, it’s good to have a home that is appealing to the eyes.

If you have an old roof that looks rusty and old, selling your property in the future might be a problem.

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Buyers are always searching for the best deal, so if your home has a fantastic roof, you can expect more interested clients when you plan to sell it in the future, they won’t mind spending for the price you set because they know your home looks great, thanks to your new roof!

2. Installing a New Roof Will Make Your Home Energy Efficient 

Your electricity bills would skyrocket as a result of the lack of energy efficiency from your roof.

This is a common issue in a roof that is outdated or damaged Heat can flow through an uninsulated roof, forcing your HVAC system to work harder. This is an issue that can be remedied with the installation of a new roof.

Newly developed shingles are more energy-efficient, which means you’ll save money on your heating bills.

This is due to the fact that they simulate solar heat and therefore keep your home cooler.

A new roof will help you save money on energy costs while also increasing the value of your home when you sell it because you can tell potential buyers that your home is more energy-efficient than others because of the new roof you installed.

3. Increased Chance of Validation From Roof and Home Inspectors 

Nothing beats the bummed-out feeling you get when you meet an interested buyer just to have them choose not to pursue buying your house because their building inspector found numerous red flags.

Roof and leak-related water damage account for a large portion of more expensive structural problems in a home.

When you replace the roof, a lot of this will be taken into account.

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No homeowner would certainly want to stay in a house that is faulty so if you replace your roof which is causing several issues in your home, building inspectors won’t find anything wrong with your property and give you validation that your home is fit to sell.

4. Roof Warranty is Transferable to New Homeowners

One advantage of selling a house with a new roof is the fact that you can transfer the roof’s warranty to new buyers, giving you the chance to increase your overall home value.

Since Your latest roofing materials come with appealing guarantees that can be transferred to new purchasers,

It gives them peace of mind knowing that with proper roofing maintenance, they will never have to change the roof of their house.

5. A New Roof Protects Against Damage From Weather

A new roof is an investment that protects your home from the elements. It shields it from rain, hail, and snow.

A new roof can also protect against pests and small animals that like to live in attics or crawl spaces.

With the help of a new roof, interested buyers in the future will have a sense of safety when staying at your home.

Thus, increasing the value of your house and the chance of them buying it.


In the end, a new roof gives you several benefits that can increase the overall value of your home.

Although it may seem like an expensive project upfront, in reality, it’s actually not all that bad and definitely worth doing for several purposes such as selling or personal use!


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