Most Common Leaking Roof Repair Myths Debunked

5 of the Most Common Leaking Roof Repair Myths Debunked

A leaky roof is the bane of homeowners everywhere. Water damages furniture, carpets, and other items in your home every time it leaks through your ceiling or walls.

It’s important to be proactive with roof repairs to prevent water damage before it starts. But how do you know when you need a new roof?

If you’re not sure whether one of these 5 common leaking roof repair myths apply to your situation, take a look at this list from Malaysia roof leak specialists for some clarification:

Myth #1 – If the roof leak is small, it’s not worth fixing

One of the most common myths when it comes to roof leaks is that a problem isn’t worth fixing unless it’s big. In reality, the sooner you deal with roof leak damage the less expensive and more manageable it will be!

Smaller problems can seem like they’re not worth your time or money, but if left unchecked they’ll only get worse.

For example: when water gets into your wood frame house through small holes in the roof shingles, this often causes rot which can lead to major structural repairs down the road.

Don’t wait until your roof is leaking through the ceiling to get it repaired. Take care of small leaks now, or you’ll have a much more expensive fix later on!

Myth #2 – A leaky roof is a sign of old age

Just because your roof is old doesn’t mean it will leak. And just because the roof isn’t leaking now, that doesn’t mean it never will in the future!

A lot of things can go wrong with a house before you start to notice a leaky roof – from gutters overflowing or clogged shingles to faulty sealant around vent pipes.

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The truth is several factors might make your roof more likely to develop leaks at some point: age, type of home (e.g., wood frame vs brick), size and slope of the building site, etc.

You’ll want to be proactive about water damage prevention by getting regular inspections and making repairs when necessary so all bets are off for what may happen in the future!

Myth #3 – You can’t patch a flat roof

Another common myth is that you can’t patch a flat roof. This simply isn’t true!

A leaking “pancake” or single-ply membrane roof, for example, might need to be replaced with a rubber membrane system if the leak cannot be found and fixed quickly enough.

But most other types of leaks will usually require just one new layer of material on top – like overlayment sheets (tar paper) or felt shingles. Your contractor should identify which type(s) of repairs are necessary when they come out to assess your leaky roof and give you an estimate before starting work.

It’s important not only to know how much it’ll cost but also how long those costs will last so you don’t end up in a leaky situation again.

Don’t let the myths of roof repair keep you from dealing with your problem head-on!

Myth #4 – It’s too expensive to repair roof leaks in your home

The truth is that it costs, even more, to ignore a leaky roof for too long!

Not only do you risk water damage in your home, but also mold and mildew problems. Roof leaks can lead to higher utility bills when the problem gets worse over time.

In many cases, we find homeowners who are willing to spend thousands of dollars on an emergency repair – like window or door replacement – before they’ll fix their leaking roof because they don’t think it’s worth fixing at all.

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But why put off doing what needs to be done? A new rubber membrane system will not only give you peace of mind about future leaks; it could save you money down the road as well!

Myth #5 – Roof leaks only happen during heavy rainstorms

When your roof starts leaking, the rain doesn’t have to be heavy for it to cause a problem in your home! Even when you’re away on vacation and there’s only light rainfall, water can still seep into your home through small holes in the shingles or tiles.

The sooner you deal with a leaky roof, the less damage that’ll occur over time – so don’t wait until disaster strikes before making any repairs.

With this in mind, always get a roof inspection from a qualified professional at least once per year to avoid being caught off guard.


If you own a home and want to do your roof repair work yourself, you must know the most common myths about roofs.

This way, if any of these misconceptions are the reason for your leaky rooftop, then you’ll be able to fix it without wasting time or money on unnecessary repairs.

We hope this post has helped clear some things up for you! Have we answered all of your questions? Let us know in the comments below so we can help out further. And don’t forget – our team is always ready and waiting to answer any question with one simple phone call!

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