Does Your House Need a Roof Inspection? 

Does Your House Need Roof Inspection

Many homeowners are aware of the benefits replacing an old roof that is damaged gives them. Unfortunately, these people still underestimate the importance of roof maintenance after its installation, resulting in the need for a new roofing system. Since our home is where we spend most of our time, we need to ensure that our roof is in good running condition in order for it to perform well and protect us from harm. This is why our roofers from Malaysia recommend that you keep your home’s roof well-maintained, so you don’t risk people’s lives when they’re in your vicinity.

There are several ways to properly determine if it’s time to call in a professional to do some inspection and today, we have listed everything you need to know about this below. If you happen to experience the signs listed below, then you must call in a professional to help you out right away!

Signs Your Roof Needs an Inspection

When determining if you need your roof to be inspected or not, there’s more to consider than the roof’s age. Your roof will show signs that it needs to be checked right away so be sure you take note of the following to avoid costly expenses!

Your Roof Has Leaks 

Roof leaks are among the most visible indications that the roof is failing. Go up to your attic on a regular basis to search for roof leaks, especially right after a thunderstorm. Look for any evidence of water infiltration, as this is where major leakage in your house is most likely to start. When you live in a place where it frequently snows, you must also double-check your roof since frozen ice may melt once the sun sets in and may possibly damage your shingles.

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When you encounter leakage, it’s best that you have a professional roofing contractor inspect the area, so they can determine if your roof needs repair or replacement. You have to get your roof replaced right away if the problem is severe since untreated leaks can damage your home and even promote mold growth.

The Roof Has Poor Energy Efficiency 

Have your electricity bills been steadily rising each time the wet season settles in? If that’s the case, it may be due to a poor insulation roof. While most homeowners concentrate on insulating their windows and doors to lower their energy bills, your roofing system is frequently the source of the problem.

Air from the outside can easily come in and out of your poorly insulated roof, resulting in higher energy bills, particularly during the coldest months of the year. If such a thing happens, it’s a good indication that you must consider calling in an expert to fix your roof right away.

Your Roofing System Is Already Outdated 

Just like appliances and other devices, roofs can deteriorate through time. Although a roof can last up to many years, there are several variables in play that can affect the performance of your roofs such as weather condition, climate, animals, and debris that find its way to your roof. When you have a roof that has been present for quite some time, and you’re starting to encounter issues, it’s probably time to change your roofing system. Here’s a list below to give you a better understanding of the materials of the roof and how long they tend to last.

  • Wood shingles: 30 – 40 years
  • Metal: 70 years
  • Wood shakes: 20 – 40 years
  • Clay tile: 50 – 70 years
  • Slate: 100 years or more
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Signs of Rot Formation on Your Roof

A rotting roof can cause major structural problems in your home. When wood is introduced to moisture for an extended period of time, it rots, allowing fungi to develop and degrade a structure. It’s critical to be able to spot a rotting roof quickly so that the damage is limited. When you happen to notice fungi, algae, moss, or molds, you must have your roof inspected right away and conduct the best approach to address the issue.

Final Words

Having your roof repaired or replaced can be a daunting and costly job which is why as a homeowner, you need to make sure that you do a regular inspection to maintain a good conditioned roof that will give you the utmost safety and security through the years!


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