DIY Tips For Clearing Mold From Your Roof

DIY Tips For Clearing Mold From Your Roof

Mold can be a difficult issue to deal with, especially if you live in an area in Malaysia that is prone to heavy rain and humidity.

If your roof leaks or has water damage, it’s likely that mold will form on the wood and insulation inside the attic, which can lead to health issues for those who are living inside.

Expert roofers from My Roof Repair suggest taking action right away when molds begin to develop on your roof. This blog post will give you some simple tips for clearing away mold from your roof.

Use Bleach Solution on Your Roof 

Mold development in roofs is a common problem homeowners tend to face. Molds can accumulate a roof due to their porous nature.

Sometimes, homeowners can also develop mold in their roofs due to leaking roofs or improper insulation.

The mold that accumulates on a roof has the potential of producing allergens and other irritants if it is left untreated for too long. Hence, it is very important to take immediate action against this problem before its effects worsen with time.

Among the things that can effectively remove molds in your roof is by using a bleach solution. Bleach is a potent chemical that kills any type of mold if it is left in the right amount for a long period.

The first step to follow when using bleach solution on your roof is preparing gloves and goggles, so you can safely work with this hazardous material.

Prepare a bucket of water mixed with bleach at one cup per gallon, as well as a sponge to scrub out those nasty molds.

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Bleach is a great alternative to harsh cleaners since it doesn’t affect the roof’s paint.

However, if not used carefully or diluted by water, it can damage the surface of your shingles and cause them to peel off in time so be sure to take precautions when using this!

Always Clean Your Roof 

The best way to avoid roof molds in the first place is to always clean your roof.

Make sure to use a safe cleaner that is designed for this purpose, and try not to be too heavy-handed with the product because you can end up pushing mold from one spot on the roof onto another area.

Use a pressure washer or hose to clear away dirt, debris, and other things which may have ended up.

Regular cleaning of your roof will also help stop the development of molds, since it doesn’t give the algae a chance to thrive.

Make Sure No Debris is on Your Roof 

If you see branches, dead leaves, or animal carcass on your roof, it can potentially develop molds since it allows higher moisture levels.

Molds are dangerous to have on your roof because they can cause health problems and damage the entire roof in a short time.

Remove all debris on your roof, so it will not create more molds. You can use some high-pressure water to take that stubborn debris off or any other cleaning tools appropriate for the type of material used as the surface of your roof.

If debris is not taken out it doesn’t only develop molds but can also cause leaks.

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Remove Pools of Water on Your Roof 

Molds thrive in environments where it is humid or a source of water is present. Therefore, you need to remove pools of water and other sources on your roof to prevent them from developing molds.

You can use a broom or any tool that is appropriate for removing the pool, so you don’t have to worry about damaging your roofing material while trying to take out the puddle.

You should also check all possible leakages to determine if there are leaks in your roof caused by the puddle of water. Be sure you inspect your roof regularly to stop the growth of molds.

To Wrap It Up 

Mold is a problem that can be difficult to control, but you don’t have to live with it. We’ve compiled these DIY tips for clearing mold from your roof and other parts of the house to help keep mold out of your life, so you can stay healthy and happy. Keep these handy tricks in mind when trying to remove mold on your own!


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