8 Roofing Issues That Require a Qualified Contractor

8 Roofing Issues That Require a Qualified Contractor

Many people are under the impression that a roofing contractor is just someone who lays shingles on top of your house and walks away. In reality, there are many more things to consider when looking for a qualified contractor. There are several issues that require a qualified roofer to be involved in order to get the job done right. Here is an overview of 8 roofing issues that require a qualified roof contractor:

Missing or Damaged Roof Shingles

missing shingle

Missing or having a few damaged roof shingles can be quite troublesome. This can lead to water leakage, ceiling leaks, or other issues. Rodents and pests could invade your roof and make damages even worse resulting in much more costly repairs. Hiring a qualified contractor would make things easier for you since they will be able to properly inspect the roof as well as repair and replace any shingles that are missing or damaged.

Leaks in Your Roof

Leaks are often hard to detect and they may not seem like much of an issue until there is significant water damage that is very costly to repair. A qualified roof contractor will be able to determine the source of leaks. They may find that it is an issue with your flashing, or perhaps a certain part of your home needs repairs before any water can leak in and cause more damage.

Ventilation Issues

roof ventilation

Another problem you’ll need a contractor for is ventilation. Ventilation is a key component of the structural integrity of your roof. It can be very difficult for you to figure out what needs fixing if this isn’t done correctly in the first place.

A qualified contractor will know how much ventilation should be on each side, as well as which vents need replacing or repairing and why they are needed. They understand how ventilation works in order to properly install the right type of venting system for your home.

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Attic Insulation Issues

Attic insulation is a key component to keeping moisture away from your home. Without attic insulation, condensation can occur which may lead to water leaks and mold growth in the walls of your house. Having issues with attic insulation is a problem and you need to hire a contractor for this.

They’ll be able to assess the attic insulation and determine if it needs any repairs or replacements. They will also be able to install the right type of insulation depending on your home’s needs.

Roofing Mold Problems

roofing mold

Mold is a common problem in the roofing industry and qualified contractors are often able to detect it if there is an issue that needs resolving. They will be able to identify any mold problems on your roof before they get out of hand. Mold can cause health concerns, so hiring someone for this job may save you from future issues with allergies or asthma.

Foundation Damage

Foundation damage is another issue that can be difficult to diagnose. Qualified contractors are trained in many different areas, including structural engineering and architecture which will make it easier for them to identify any problems with your house’s foundation. They’ll also know what tools they need to correct the problem correctly so you don’t have future issues with mold or water leaks again.

Structural Concerns

roof structure

You may want to know how to fix structural concerns, which are another common issue for roofs.

These problems can make it difficult to properly install new shingles or correct any other roof repairs that may need to be done. A qualified contractor is trained in methods of repairing your house’s structure so they’ll know the best way to do things without risking more damage being done.

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Structural reinforcement was developed specifically for this reason and many qualified professionals have been doing this type of work for years now with great success rates as well as low repair costs.

Storm Damage in Your Roof

It’s not uncommon for roofs to suffer storm damage especially if your area is prone to typhoons. Qualified contractors are trained in how to get the roof back into shape. They’ll be able to properly secure your roof with new shingles or other necessary repairs so you can get it back up before another rainstorm occurs.

Storm damage is costly, but hiring a professional will help prevent these types of problems from happening again as they know exactly what needs fixing after a storm has occurred.


We hope this blog post has been informative and helpful as you consider your roofing options. If you have any additional questions, we’re happy to help answer them for you! And if there is one thing that all of these eight issues have in common, it’s the need for a qualified contractor.

Whether it be an installer or someone who specializes in maintenance, make sure they are certified before signing on the dotted line. Remember – use only expert contractors recommended by reputable sources like Home Advisor when hiring anyone to complete work on your roof!

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