4 Things You Should Never Do To Your Roof

4 Things You Should Never Do To Your Roof

Among the common reasons for roof damage are often caused by harsh weather conditions, natural disasters, and even animal activities.

However, one thing many home and business owners don’t know is that people can inflict damage to their roofs too.

Whether it’s negligence, poor judgment, or DIY projects, these factors can contribute to damaging your roofing system, especially when you don’t take caution.

If an issue occurs, you need to contact a professional roof contractor right away since problems that aren’t fixed right away can lead to even severe damages and costly repair expenses.

Fortunately, we’ve put together a guide that shows you the top four things you should never do to your roof, so you won’t end up like those people who have had to deal with the repercussions of their roof misdeeds!

Check out below to learn more:

1. Allowing Mold and Mildew To Build Up 

Given the ever-changing weather conditions Malaysia is experiencing, it doesn’t come as a surprise that mold and mildew will develop, especially in areas where humidity, rain, and wind are high.

Surprising as it may seem, this black algae will latch onto your roof, penetrating your roofing system and causing damage.

In addition to this, mold in your roof can look aesthetically displeasing, and it can weaken the integrity of your roof.

One mistake homeowners make is that they neglect molds growing in their roofs and don’t bother removing them.

However, if you’re one of those people who act this way, you might as well say goodbye to your roof now!

It would be best if you never allowed molds to develop in any part of your roof may it be in the gutters or its shingles.

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In order to avoid these things from happening, practice regular cleaning of your roof or, better yet, leave it to the professionals since this can be a dangerous job.

Always inspect your roof from time to time and call in a roof service provider whenever you notice black algae and molds developing.

2. Using a Pressure Washer to Clean Your Roof 

Cleaning your roof regularly is a good habit one must always practice.

However, if you’re cleaning with tools that may damage your roof and its components, then you’re doing something worse than not cleaning.

If you constantly use a pressure washer to clean your roof and reach the corners of it, you might be blindly damaging your roof.

Ironically, excessive washing—due primarily to the continuous application of harsh chemicals under high pressure—is among the most common causes of roof destruction and premature aging.

Water, along with harsh chemicals, weakens rock over time, and the asphalt properties on your roof’s shingles are no exception.

Consider what damage highly pressurized water can do.

Roof erosion will shorten the lifetime of your roof and contribute to leakage. If you continue doing this, you might end up replacing your roof in such a short time.

3. Never Hang Basketball Hoops To Your Home 

Do you enjoy playing basketball with your son? Or perhaps just shooting some balls relaxed you after a stressful day at work?

Many homeowners turn to sport whenever they’re bored or just want to have a good time, but if you’re attaching your basketball hoop into your home, your house may not be as happy as you.

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Attaching a basketball hoop to your house for playing around might be enticing for some, but basketball hoops can continue to shake the roof if often used enough and if you dunk in balls quite forcefully and hang your hand on the ring each time that you do.

When this happens, it can loosen bolts or even crack the roof’s seal, making it vulnerable to leaks.

Don’t want such an annoyance from happening? It’s better to install your hoop in a tree, or better yet, just purchase a basketball hoop stand!

4. Install Devices in Your Roof 

Investing in satellite dishes or solar panels is a good idea. However, it is critical to do so correctly when installing them into your roof.

All of the screws and nails used to secure the device to the roof can produce some weak spots where water will leak.

Although this doesn’t necessarily mean you shouldn’t do it but if given a choice, it’s better not to.

When you really want to mount equipment on your roof, you can hire a professional to do it for you because they will do it with less risk of puncturing vulnerable parts of your roof and causing a leak.


The roof is a vital part of every home or establishment, which is why you must always be careful when handling them.

Keep these tips in mind, and you’re sure to have a roof that can ultimately last you a lifetime!


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